Roger Technology: our manufacturing philosophy

Here at Roger Technology, we are committed to the daily challenge of coming up with new and improved solutions to ensure they are simple, functional and fit perfectly with the way you work and your desire to offer and install automation tailored to specific individual needs.
All our products belong to a unique professional vision built on the cornerstones of excellent mechanics, innovative control technology and pared-back design. A formula of timeless excellence that ensures each new solution is compatible with the past, as it represents the future. A future that merges seamlessly with your requirements. 


Materials: raw VS pre-made

We love the fact that, rather than just putting parts together, we actually take the raw materials and make our own components and semifinished products. At  Roger Technology, we take a bar of metal and fashion it into a gear, an aluminium ingot into a motor casing, a coil of copper into an electromechanical motor.
We are one of those manufacturers who has made the choice to "go local", preferring to produce all of our components or semifinished products in-house here in Italy. We source raw materials like aluminium, steel, copper, cast iron and bronze directly from hand-picked suppliers who exercise the utmost care and work to the highest standard of quality in adhering to the technical specifications dictated by us for each material. That way, we know the finished product we create, once installed, will give a huge return on our investment in terms of our sacrifice and the passion we put into its manufacture.


Welcome to our home

Imagine listening to the grunting of production machinery, breathing in the smell of metal or industrial grease, witnessing the complete transformation of a bar of metal into a motor shaft or a gear for your automation system. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where feedback is valued, where we love listening to your requirements and, above all, learning from your ideas and experiences.
Our factory is the place where we bring our ideas and designs to life, starting with top-quality raw materials. This is the place where we relish the daily challenge of coming up with great new designs devised to create and develop hi-tech future-oriented automation.




Quality is an integral part of our DNA
In everything we do, we endeavour to create solutions and products that will simplify and improve your professional installation. When we come up with a new product, an idea, we're driven by a single mission: Total production process quality.
We choose the metallurgical properties of our metals accordingly, and it's the reason we don't use plastic: just top-quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals. And it's because we're such sticklers for quality that we grind all the seats in the aluminium housings as they come from the die-casting process, try to check and eliminate excessive clearances and install high-quality double-shielded bearings so painstakingly. And it's because we want to ensure total quality that we made the decision to produce all semifinished and finished products entirely in-house here at our facilities in Italy, managing every stage of the production process from the raw materials through to the finished products, checking them one by one so that your next installation comes with the ultimate assurance of all-Italian quality.   


Assembly and quality control

All products and semifinished components produced by our two manufacturing facilities are transferred to a third facility where dedicated specially appointed lines - each assigned to a specific product category - handle the mounting and assembly stages to produce the finished product according to very strict procedures and rules put in place to ensure an exemplary result.
The main added value at the mounting and assembly stage lies in the highly skilled staff who - in addition to putting the components installed through some very thorough quality control testing - are tasked with testing all assembled products, mounting them with meticulous care, ensuring the on-board electric motor is working properly and putting them in their relevant packaging after cleaning them with special protective oil.




Hats off to everyone who gives us their custom

Being a Roger Technology customer, dealer and installer means having the opportunity to play an important role in the world of automatic entry systems.
Today, all our customers play a very important role that, every day, helps make our brand - one you all know (and hopefully love) - the success that it is. They are extremely passionate about our corporate culture, our great devotion to quality and, above all, value our dogged perseverance in researching and seeking out quality materials, driven by our impressive mechanical experience.
We're always on the lookout for new customers who are not only familiar with the technical and sales side of our products but, above all, are willing to understand and respect our culture, manufacturing philosophy, technological creativity and, most importantly, our passion for producing only the highest quality solutions.

Roger Technology

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