Strong and Robust! Developed to nor fell the effort.

The solutions of the industrial division born from a fine project aimed to develop solutions that can handle automation and intensive functionality, robust and especially targeted to the stress of work typical of the industrial sector.
The passion and the precision assumed during all the internal phases of the product production, allow us to improve the concepts of reliability and durability of the product, especially in those cases where heavy installations and intensive use of the product, represent the main causes of malfunction and breakage of the automations, therefore reducing the relative lifetime of the product.
The product range of  Roger Technology for the industrial sector is based on a thought, an engineering and a design dedicated to handle heavy and complex movements and functions,  while always maintaining simple and precise its movement.

Our ideal solutions for the industrial sectors

- Automations for sliding gates
- Automations for swing gates
- Automations for swing gates with articulated harm
- Automations for swing underground gates
- Automations for overhead garage doors
- Automations for sectional garage doors
- Automations for barriers
- Radio Controllers
- Safety and accessories

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Safety & Made in Italy.

The entire production process of Roger Technology is being developed in Italy with the use of first quality materials always found in the market through supplier partners who share the same passion and professionalism of our company in developing products technologically reliable, efficient and simple in the way of be designed, installed and used.

Any solution and our product before to enter in the market is subjected to checks and tests that allow to certify a product designed to be resistant to a long and intensive operation, strong even against extreme temperatures.

In addition to the mechanical parts of the product, even the electronics is subject to specific function test with the main objective to reduce and eliminate problems of electromagnetic interference, conducted or inducted disturbances and other situations that may negatively affect its correct use.

Roger Technology

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